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Posted by David Brooks on 08 October 2015 04:05 PM

User portal offers you full control over your account from your personal web portal. To access your portal go to and log in with your YunGO ID and password that are configured directly from YunGO application in Profile menu. Please note that YunGO ID cant be edited once confirmed.

Portal Dashboard
When you access your portal, the first screen you see is your Dashboard that contains the following blocks:

  • follow me - this option is for setting up DID forwarding. When you click on the block, a window will appear, where you can edit, add or remove forwarding options you have. To add a rule, click “add”, then select a DID number from the drop-down menu. Then from the add rule menu you can select whether you would like to forward the incoming calls to that number to voicemail or other phone number. If you choose to forward your calls to voicemail, you can also select a greeting message from your existing messages.
  • voice mails - your voice messages are listed here. Information on the date and time was received, sender, duration of the message, it’s status (new/unread or old) is listed. You also have the option to listen to your voice messages and remove them. To access the settings, click on the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the window. Here you can set up the frequency of checking for new voice mails.
  • do not disturb - this menu is for setting up call forwarding. To add a rule click “add” button. A new window will pop out, where you should fill in the caller number you would like to forward to voicemail or another phone number.
  • chat - you can initiate both individual or group chats through the portal. You can exchange files, just like through the application, without having to install it. To start a chat, select a contact from the dropdown menu, and click “start new chat” or “start new group chat” buttons.
  • dialpad - through dialpad you can make in-app voice and video calls, or send messages to your YunGO contacts. To do so, select corresponding country code from the drop down menu, then dial desired number, and click the corresponding button (chat, voice call, video call).
  • fax - here you can send fax messages, as well as see the history of sent files (quick history). You can choose to send fax immediately, or set a date and time you want your fax to be sent. In fax settings you can configure the fax delivery failure settings, i.e. number of attempts of sending the fax and the time interval between those attempts, set an email to send faxes from or forward it to.



History page contains the history of your

  • paid calls - information on the caller Id, called number, call duration, start and end time can be found here. You can also see the cost and the type of your call (incoming/outgoing).
  • voicemails - here you can see the information on the date, sender, duration and status (new/unheard or old). You can also listen to your voice messages or delete them.
  • fax history - here you have the information on sent and received faxes, including the receiving/sending date, information on the sender/recipient, page count and status (seen or unseen).



This block contains information on your contacts. You can add or remove contacts, as well as see your favorite and YunGO contacts. To add a contact click on add contact icon. In the window that will appear, fill in the first and last name of the person you would like to add, from the drop-down menu select if you are adding a person from YunGO network, or using their mobile number, insert the number and click “add item”. Your contact is saved.


Find friends

You can find your friends by name, YunGO ID, email or phone number and add them to your contact list.

 My profile

You can access your profile by clicking on the avatar or default image (if you haven’t set a avatar yet). From this page you can see and/or change your:

  • userpic - click on the pencil icon in the left upper side of your screen, then upload a picture from your computer or take one with your webcam.
  • personal data - first name, last name, city, country, birthday and timezone.
  • password - you can change your password by clicking on the pencil in the upper right corner, then you should write your new password, confirm it and click “save”. Under password section we also have the information on the available or purchased subscriptions.
  • phone numbers - here your virtual numbers are listed. You can also purchase new Virtual numbers (quantity of Virtual numbers is not limited), so your friends and partners can call you like on any local number and reach out to you anywhere.
  • Services - here you can configure

quick calling services enabling you to redirect your Virtual number to any other number (e.g. international).

authorize caller IDs letting your calls be automatically redirected to the number you defined earlier, without you having to provide a PIN or any other additional number.

speed dials enabling you to use shortcuts from the phone dial pad assigned to a particular telephone number. This lets you dial one number instead of dialing the whole number to make a call.

  • Rates - here you can have information on your YunGO-offnet call rates. You will automatically receive information on the rates for your current location. You can also select a country from the list to find out the rates for YunGO-offnet calls in other countries or check the rates by entering the country code.


In the right upper corner of your profile you have the following sections:

Invoices - containing information on number date and action.

Invoice data - containing your billing information (first and last names, address, city, country, zip code and TAX ID).

Payments - information on the payments make (date, amount, type and description)

Greetings - you can record various greetings for your voicemail, and assign them to any numbers, or listen, rename or remove existing greetings.

Click to call - generate a script you can post on your website and enable visitors to contact you by clicking on it.

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