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YunGO offers monthly call subscriptions, which is a bundle of minutes to certain destination offered to you for making calls with a special low fixed rate. This gives you from 10% to 60% benefit per month. We also offer unlimited minutes for destinations
If you are subscribed to monthly calling plan and want to have same plan during next month you can enable Auto-Renew, and our system will charge the credit/debit card attached to YunGO. You can cancel any subscription any time. 
Auto-Recharge, will help you to avoid service interruptions due to low balance. If auto-recharge is enabled the system will automatically top up your YunGO balance with 5$ when it drops below 2$ from your default credit/debit card attached in the YunGO. 
You can control auto-recharge from Edit Profile menu
Currently we do support in-app purchases and secure payment with credit/debit card. PayPal will be available from September 2019 
We are in the process of development of improved and more secure platform for video calls
We are in the process of development of improved and more secure platform for messaging. 
Tap on Rates menu, choose amount (5$, 10$, 15$ or 20$) and tap on it. Pop-up will appear on your screen. Select preferred Payment method:  * Quick Checkout for credit/debit card payment * In-App Purchase to pay from your Google Play or Apple Pay
From Dial screen tap and hold “0” till you see "+ " sign on screen and then input the number you wish to dial. Examples: for India +919822255555, for UK +447933332222 
All information about your purchased services can be found on Profile screen of the application. 
There are no additional charges, if you are using credit/debit card payment method.  Please check taxes, if you are using in-app payment method.
Special and premium numbers are not allowed in YunGO. Any account with fraudulent activity will be blocked and balance will not be refunded. 
Our fraud detection team can block any specious accounts any time. If you have provided an email address in your profile, we will email you instructions how to unblock it. Otherwise, please send your ID with photo and credit card front side holding in y...
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