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Android version issue from Play Google
Posted by Steve Robson on 20 April 2018 11:39 AM

Dear Users,

Due to some issues in latest android version published on Play Google we are asking you to use version published on our official site until we fix this issue.

Please uninstall the version from Play Google and install this one YunGO Cheap International Calls

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

If you face any issue with installing this version, please contact as at [email protected] or from our Facebook page.

Best regards,

Customer advocacy team

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PayPal Payments rules
Posted by Steve Robson on 25 November 2016 12:18 PM

Dear Users,

Due to high quantity of fraud we have to request address verification for PayPal payments.

To verify address, please send a scanned copy of the page in your passport with information of your registration or a scanned copy of your utility bills no longer than 3 months (we do not accept mobile phone bills) to [email protected] after your PayPal transaction.

PayPal payments will be authorized only after registration address match with PayPal address.


Версия на Русском можно найти тут Проверка адреса для платежей через PayPal.

Versión en español se puede encontrar aquí Verificación de dirección de Paypal

Thank you for understanding.

YunGО Customer Excellence Team

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Nigeria Immediate rate increase
Posted by Steve Robson on 27 September 2016 09:52 PM

Dear Valued Users,


Unfortunately Nigeria rates have increased today without any notice. We have to change it up to $0.128. All purchased Special offers will be kept as it was sold.

We are sorry for this. Will update you again when new information arrives.


Best Regards,

YunGO Team


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Save more with Visa/MasterCard/Discover payments
Posted by Steve Robson on 17 August 2016 05:38 PM

Dear YunGO Users,


Recharge your YunGO account by Visa/MasterCard/Discover and get additional 10% to save even more on calls.

This option is available only for Android and Web users. IOS users can enable their web access and get same benefit from paying by cards.


Best Regards,

YunGO Team

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Dear Friends,

In order to earn money and use them in YunGO network for calls, SMS and Virtual Numbers, please invite your friends to install YunGO from Google Play or Itunes.

For each install You will get $0.10 on Your YunGO balance.

Quantity of invites is not limited.


Best Regards,




Start earning now!

Дорогие друзья,

Для того чтобы заработать бонус на Ваш YunGO баланс и использовать их для звонков, SMS и виртуальных номеров, приглашайте своих друзей установить YunGO в Google Play или ITunes.

За каждую установку Вы получите $0.1 на Ваш YunGO баланс.

Количество приглошений не ограничено.

Начните зарабатывать сейчас!


С Уважением,




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