What is virtual number
Posted by Steve Robson on 27 March 2017 11:27 AM

What is virtual number ?

DID stands for – Direct Inward Dialing is a feature offered by telephone companies for use with their customers’ PBX system, whereby the telephone company (telco) allocates a range of telephone numbers associated with one or more phone lines. DID allows a company to assign a personal number to each employee, without requiring a separate physical phone line, for each, to connect to the PBX or individuals to be closer to family while traveling or working abroad.

What is the most profitable telephone service?
The answer is obvious - the one that is made between subscribers in one region, according to local tariffs.
But this requires registration or purchase of a SIM card from a local operator?
Not necessarily, and it is quite possible to get a London or Krasnoyarsk number, being anywhere. If only there was access to the Internet.
This opportunity is provided by the service of a virtual telephone number, the essence of which is the forwarding of speech flows and data through the server, ensuring their binding to a specific state and the city in it. In our proposal, more than fifty countries, and the number of cities has exceeded three hundred.
Special equipment for use is not required, because a subscriber device uses a smartphone or tablet. The system works through a desktop computer, calls via Skype and SIP equipment are possible. Call forwarding is possible even for a regular city phone, because the standard numbering is used for identification.
 In addition to the conversation, the user of our service can send and receive SMS and faxes. Messages can be delivered by e-mail. You can also add that the redirection server is designed to use cloud technologies.
The owner of an ordinary telephone number does not have such opportunities, and modern business has already felt the virtues of telephone virtualization. After all, the advantages of this version of IP-telephony are significant:
• the probability of dialing a potential customer into the company from the first time increases sharply;
• Independence of business from the location of the office - access to the service is provided from any place where there is Internet;
• The possibility of using Toll Free, that is, free dialing customers by code 800 - but a truly multi-channel;
• Compatibility with SIP-telephony and expansion of its capabilities;
• automatic translation of "paper" faxes into electronic form - files with the extension of pdf;
• Virtual PBX - from the Old Testament equipment in the office it will be possible, if desired, to refuse;
• A distant economical partner will not think about calling on an important issue, because he will dial a local number.
To this we can add that a company whose business depends on foreign suppliers, customers and partners will certainly increase its prestige by specifying the number of its phone number in the contacts with the local code. This is quite true for firms operating throughout Russia.
Ultimately, by ordering a virtual telephone number service, you make your office not only more economical for yourself and more attractive for key actors in your business, but also gain new opportunities.

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